When They Whisper


Whey They Whisper Book Cover



"We rule or we exterminate." - Emperor Arend If Max could only accept the Silver rule controlling everything about his life, from his work to his shower time, his life on the desert planet of Gandar 5 would be fine. But he keeps thinking something is missing from this comfortable controlling existence; he wants more, but he doesn’t know what that is, or how to get it. He plods along but when his mentor is threatened with a legal sentence that will kill him, Max has to make a decision that will change his entire life.


Manfred stood proud as he watched his son train in the courtyard. As a Chosen One, he could not bear the thought of his son inheriting a universe that does not live up to their beloved Tower's ideals. He had to ensure they ruled for millennia, their power was absolute and unquestioned. Corruption and instability from planets across various sectors have forced him to look at how he approached the ever-looming energie shortages across their empire. How can he establish their great empire to withstand the test of time?

About the Author


Hi there, I wanted to share a bit about myself and how I find myself creating a strange and wonderful world in the form of a book. I’m originally from South Africa where from a young age I was a complete nerd. I use to play any and everything from Half-life to Super Mario Bro’s. From a young age, I was inspired by the stories that these imagined worlds told. Anything and everything was possible. As I grew older I found myself intrigued by books and often movies inspired by great novels. You could see the passion the writer had for telling a compelling tale. I’ve had the idea for the book for a number of years and so I decided one day I would write it. Come along on this journey as we go through this grim universe together to explore what could happen.

Where it Began

Andrew and I (Milan) have taken on the task of writing and creating a novel that we love. I came to Andrew and we started building an idea that has been with me for roughly a decade or so. The project was spawned out of wanting to create a unique and interesting novel that tells the stories of two people from vastly different walks of life in a brutal universe. I am the writing brain behind the creation of the novel, and Andrew will be tackling all of the visuals a.k.a the illustrations and visuals. For the past eight or so months, we’ve been hard at work creating something that we are very proud of. As we look to continue the development and creation of the book into 2022, we wanted to share the development process so you can get excited with us! If you are interested in the book, sign up for the newsletter down below where we will keep you updated with both the progress as well as give you a behind the scenes look at the world we are building.